What we've been up to (Week 1).

Posted by Eric Eisen on

Wow. What a week. We wanted to share a quick update with our customers, supporters, and friends.

Horizon Cap Co launched initially on March 29th by posting 12 hats on Instagram and asking friends for donations in return. The idea was to try and quickly raise some money for the hospitality industry professionals who desperately need financial assistance in the wake of COVID-19. We sold out in two hours and donated the proceeds of $680 to the One Fair Wage Emergency Fund. It was a fun night, and we quickly realized it was time to guys were begging to help the cause.

So, we ramped.

Last Sunday we launched our very own website with 50 unique, vintage hats for sale. By unique, we mean the patches for each hat are salvaged from collectors around the world and are in most cases, one-of-a-kind. 

You guys showed up.

In one week, we sold 42 hats and received numerous donations from those of you wanting to pay more than the asking price, or didn't even want a hat at all. We're pretty pumped to annouce that thanks to all of you, we made a $1,160 donation on Sunday, one week after official launch, to the Restaurant Workers' Community Foundation COVID-19 Relief Fund. Thus, to date, Horizon Cap Co has contributed $1,840 to help those in need. Also, we secured a matching donor who is going to sweeten the deal even further until we hit a certain mark. 

We aren't stopping.

To-go and take-out orders aren't cutting it for these restaurants. Employees remained furloughed, or have been let go. We're going to keep helping them out by making more hats. Expect more inventory on the website within the next week, and be on the lookout for some special partnerships we've created with local bars and restaurants. 

Oh yeah. Forgot one thing. We made the news

Thank you for supporting, and keep on keepin on.

Horizon Cap Co