What's under the hood?

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Horizon Cap Co was founded in April 2020 with the purpose of creating one-of-a-kind vintage hats and supporting the community. We kept coming across vintage and unique patches and thought, "hey, these should be on a hat!" Before marketing our first hat, COVID-19 struck, and it was time to do something to help those in need. We launched an initial batch of 12 hats via Instagram (hrzn_caps) and donated the proceeds to the Emergency Coronavirus Tipped and Service Worker Support Fund administered by One Fair Wage

When our first batch sold out in mere hours, the torch was lit. AF. We're moving full speed ahead so you can score a one-of-a-kind cap and make an impact. We call that a win-win, in style. We donated all of our profits in 2020 to non-profit organizations supporting hospitality workers, including the Restaurant Workers' Community Foundation COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund and ATL Family Meal which feeds out-of-work hospitality staff with free meals delivered right to their doorstep. Going forward, we're still donating all the profits to similar charities. Let’s do this! Make sure to follow our blog to get the latest news on the donations we've made to date.

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